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TallesC November 30, 2012 09:23

exports geometry workbench to ICEM
hello, I'm trying to export a geometry of a pipe workbench to ICEM, but the centerline of the pipe is not appearing in Icem, I need this line to generate the mesh, I've tried exporting in different types of extension (IGS, Parasolid) but it did not work! please help me?

ghorrocks December 1, 2012 05:15

Why do you need the centreline to generate the mesh? This is not normal mesh generation procedure.

TallesC December 1, 2012 12:37

I need this line to facilitate the creation of the blocks to generate the mesh in Icem, you know if it is possible to export geometry with the central line that was used to make the geometry of the design workbench??

ghorrocks December 1, 2012 15:50

This question is best asked on the geometry and meshing forum.

I think ICEM has functions to get the centre point of an arc. You can easily regenerate the centreline from that. Would that be adequate?

TallesC December 1, 2012 16:08

I need to check if the program does this operation, I'm thinking that the center line does not appear in ICEM because this line was created in the design workbench to generate solid, anyway thanks for the tip!

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