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Anna Tian December 3, 2012 18:00

Use expression instead of variable

When I create a contour in CFX-post, I have to choose a variable(like pressure). Then the different value of this variable will be expressed by different colors on the contour. May I ask how to use an expression defined by myself(like distance) instead of a variable? Then I can visualize the value of this expression in the same way.

Thank you very much!

cdegroot December 3, 2012 18:11

You can create a new variable and set its definition to the expression that you created.

Crank-Shaft December 4, 2012 19:36

Recently, I have been creating new expressions for values such as normalised distances and normalised velocity. Next, it is possible to create a variable and choose the scalar expression as it's source. This allows you to plot everything from surfaces, contours and vectors.

Hope this helps.

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