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Saima December 5, 2012 17:22


I have written efficiency expression in CFX pre. It will give me a value of efficiency at each step.

Efficiency expression I have written in CFX by:
Efficiency= (((P02/P01)^(0.4/1.4))-1)/((T02/T01)-1)
P01= massFlowAve(ptotstn)@R1 Inlet
P02= massFlowAve(ptotstn)@R1 Outlet
T01= massFlowAve(Ttotstn)@R1 Inlet
T02= massFlowAve(Ttotstn)@R1 Outlet

But now I want to stop calculation once it reaches to certain convergence criteria. This need to record efficiency as a variable of iteration step.

Is anyone know how to define a variable expression in CFX pre???

Thanks in Advance...!!!!

evcelica December 5, 2012 22:22

Solver Control >> Interrupt Control

Saima December 6, 2012 01:25

I know that.

But how to provide Eff as a function of iteration? As by defining expression it is just take value a single step at a time.


Originally Posted by evcelica (Post 396037)
Solver Control >> Interrupt Control

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