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mileszczyns December 10, 2012 18:55

Remeshing with ICEM scripting

Here is my problem. I'm trying to do simulation in CFX where considerably large displacements are taking place. Basically I'm moving a slider in a valve. I thought that it may be a good idea to use scripts in ICEM to make a meshing. I'd like to start with simulating 2.5D problem. I think that the best idea is to use hexa meshing via blocking function. So it's not a problem to make a blocking on this relatively simple geometry, but how to make another and automatic blocking using scripts in ICEM when solver face interruption condition ?

Secondly, I've tried to make a tetra meshing but geometry is replacing to the starting point during remeshing, even though the plot of the displacement is showing constant progress in one direction.

Thank you in advance.

mileszczyns December 19, 2012 20:33

I've found a solution to the replacing geometry problem while remeshing. It's important to use correct parameters when defining the time and displacement of the simulation.

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