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bingo10 December 11, 2012 12:16

Simulating Goertler vortices in cfx
I'm new to the field of cfd and am trying to do a simulation of a hypersonic flow (Ma 6.85) over a compression ramp. The goal is to show the Goertler vortices (counter rotating vortices), which should emerge behind the seperation bubble. I have tried to simulate it as a laminar and turbulent flow and have created some sinusoidal disturbances in the lateral velocity distribution. I also used different meshes, but if it gets to fine the whole simulation becomes unstable.
But so far I've had very little succes when it comes to the Goertler vortices, because they don't exist in my simulation.

Can anyone tell me if it's possible to simulate such a flow with cfx and if theres something special I need to consider?

I can post additional information if that is necessary.

Greetings bingo10

ghorrocks December 11, 2012 18:14

As long as no dissociation effects occur you should be able to model this in CFX. But detailed features like this will require an accurate setup and careful modelling.

I recommend you do some benchmark cases first to make sure you know how to do accurate CFD. Things like a supersonic boundary layer development, a convergence-divergent nozzle, flow over a sphere at supersonic speeds would be good. You should be able to find good experimental and/or simulation models of these cases so if you can model these accurately you are in a good position to model your case.

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