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samuelhund December 11, 2012 16:41

CFX Boundary Conditions Will Not Decouple
I'm using Ansys Workbench to design a axial flow pump. I have coupled blade gen to turbogrid to cfx in the workbench. I open the CFX setup cell (which launches CFZ-Pre). When I go to the Default Domain: Default Domain Default where it allows me to change the boundary conditions in the Boundary: Default Domain Default tab. The default value for all boundaries is Wall. I select inflow passage and change that to inlet. However, every thing else likewise becomes an inlet. I've fixed this problem once before, but I cannot remember how. Can any one help?

cdegroot December 11, 2012 17:01

You can delete your "Default Domain" boundary condition and start over defining the boundaries you actually want individually.

Alternatively, under "Case Options" -> "General" you can turn off "Automatic Default Domain". Problem is, if you are using Workbench, the mesh is already loaded when Pre is launched. Therefore, I would try opening CFX-Pre separately first and setting this as default for the next time it is launched through Workbench.

I think this will fix the problem you are having. First option is easiest, but second option is useful if you have many similar cases where this could be an issue.

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