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mvoss December 13, 2012 07:30

CFD-Post 14.5 show Line Elements from ANSYS solution
hey there,

while doing a 2-way-FSI calculation, which is performing well and everything works fine, iŽm facing a problem while trying to show ALL meshelements from the ANSYS.rst file.

I can view the volume elements of the FEM solution but all line elements are missing. Since they are a crucial part of the whole static setup, i want to examine them too.

Is this by purpose or am i just missing something?
Is there a way to show ALL used elements from a given rst-file within the workbench post container?

Thanks in advance,

mvoss July 4, 2013 08:14

still no solution besides loading the rst. Mechanical APDL 14.5 ...

mvoss July 5, 2013 04:43

just realized that asking FEM questions on cfd-online isnŽt a good idea.

mvoss July 8, 2013 10:03

okay... workaround as follows:

-export the line element node data from MAPDL by script (select by element type) and save in proj-user-file-dir after solving (.rst available)
-edit file via PERL to get rid of unnecessary lines and entries and save edited .csv-file
-open post session and create polyline from edited .csv-file

This works quite good except for the fact that for multiple lines you get one total polyline for all linebodies. some more scripting ness. to separate for each line element body.

Any other solutions?

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