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kmgraju December 14, 2012 04:43

Heat transfer thorugh porous
I have fluid domain and porous domain. I need to keep the temperature of the porous domain higher than the room temperature. and the fluid must be kept at room temperature. when the fluid flow through porous domain the heat will be transferred to the fluid domain.
please suggest how do I model this.

I simply put under porous domain >fluid model>Heat transfer>option > Iso thermal > temperature 350 K
But I cannot put 300 K in the fluid domain. when I put 300 K in the fluid domain the porous domain temperature automatically changes to 300K
Kindly how do I model this

Thank you



ghorrocks December 14, 2012 05:40

If you are modelling something which keep the fluid at room temperature and the porous domain at a higher temperature then model the effect of whatever gizmo is keepign these temperatures - if the porous domain has heating coils in it then put the coils in as a heat sink or isothermal boundary. Do not just artificially make up restrictions because that is what you think should happen.

Your model selections are for isothermal - but you want to model heat transfer. So obviously it is not isothermal, you will have to use a thermal model.

cdegroot December 14, 2012 10:15

The problem set up you describe doesn't make sense. If you are just going to specify the temperatures, what is the point of even modeling them? I think what you actually want is to make the porous solid temperature higher so that the fluid picks up heat as it flow through, right?

Like Glenn said, to do this you need to turn on the heat transfer model and rethink what you are trying to model. More likely, you want a 300K inlet fluid and some kind of BC in the porous region representing a heater or something like that. Could be a constant wall temperature in the porous domain for example.

kmgraju December 15, 2012 00:22

Dear friends
I realize my mistakes. I will correct it

Thank you very much for your advice

Thank you


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