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csmistry December 19, 2012 07:55

Profile input to CFX in Turbomachines
Dear friends,

I have total pressure profile (along the span)at inlet of axial flow compressor. this i want to use as a inlet condition and static pressure as outlet.

I tried a syntax given for velocity x,y,z,u,v,w by changing x,y,z,Po but this profile is not been considered by CFX.
guide me for the same.


brunoc December 19, 2012 12:54

Instead of Po, try naming it 'Total Pressure' or 'pt'. CFX only auto-completes the fields when it detects a known name.

If it doesn't, there's two things you can do:

1 - Double click the BC Profile you imported. You'll see there's a field in it to link it to a known CFX variable. Choose 'Total Pressure' (or 'Total Pressure in Stn Frame') there and see if the auto-complete now works.

2 - If it doesn't, just enter the data manually. It should be something like:
where <profilename> is the name of the profile you imported (usually the filename) and <columnname> in you case seems to be Po.


csmistry December 19, 2012 14:13

Thanks for your reply.

I have single line data (along span) for total pressure at the inlet.

i had written the profile as x,y,z,pt

This is accepting by checking user function with basic settings x,y,z, pt

For boundary details it shows no option (as can be seen if we insert velocity components automatically). instead it selects Stat. frame. tot. press. as we consider for total pressure inlet as single value. even in plot option it selects the relative pressure!!!

suggest me best guide line for the same..


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