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wclo29 December 19, 2012 20:52

the question about CFX-pre,please help me!
my case is a liquid-solid coupling question, the geometry is annuler tube,the inner side is a steel and out side is liquid-vapor multiphase flow using RPI Wall boiling model in CFX12.0, but when i complete my set up in CFX-Pre, it has an error which is " In Analysis 'Flow Analysis 1' - Domain 'secfluid': The wall boiling model is active for fluid pair 'Liquid | vapor' and involves an isothermal phase but a solid domain is also active in the analysis. The solver does not support this." who knows the mistake i made ? Thanks very much, i am a chinese student, the English is poor,sorry!:p

Another question is “ can CFX can solve the fluid-solid coupling problem when using RPI Wall boiling model"? thank you all.

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