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zandi December 22, 2012 16:28

air content in cfx post processing
Hi all,
can anyone help me with finding the amount of air content or concentration in fluid?! in post processing part .
thanks friends

ghorrocks December 23, 2012 05:39

Do you mean mixed at a micro-scale (ie bubbles)? Then you can see it as the air volume fraction in a multiphase simulation.

Do you mixed at a molecular level (ie air dissolved in water)? Then you can see it as the air mass fraction in a multi-component simulation, or possibly as an additional variable for a simpler approach.

zandi December 23, 2012 07:49

thank you very much Glenn, as always,
not mulecular, and maybe bubbly!
I ment in air entrainment like as self aeration in water jets, I need the concentration of air content in the water.
I hope I could clarify myself.
does CFX have such ability?
thanks again

ghorrocks December 23, 2012 17:28

If the air is in bubble then you have a multiphase model. And the air content will be the air volume fraction.

Yes, CFX has many multiphase models. It is just a matter of choosing the correct one for your application.

zandi December 24, 2012 02:17

thank you very much for useful advice

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