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sunilpatil December 26, 2012 11:18

CFX solver configuration for multi core processor
Hello everyone,
I have intel core i7-2630QM CPU @2.00GHz Processor with 8GB of RAM for running local parallel run what is the maximum number can i set for partitions

thank you

Sixkillers December 26, 2012 11:27

I would say 8, because your processor has 8 threads (

ghorrocks December 27, 2012 06:48

How many parallel licenses do you have? That be the actual limit you have.

Assuming you have lots of parallel licenses - I recommend you do a benchmark study against number of CPUs. You will probably find that beyond 4 processes the speedup factor drops right off, and the 7th and 8th process may well make the simulation slower than 6 processes. These are just my guesses, so do the benchmark on your machine to find out for sure.

david.pasquale December 27, 2012 07:14

I totally do not agree..the maximum number of partitions has to be equal to the max number of cores of your hyper threading is only a virtual stuff made for low load applications. In fact cannot help for very intensive calculations like cfd applications

ghorrocks December 27, 2012 07:23

I did not look up the specs of that CPU - David is correct - if it is a 4 core CPU then the 4 virtual cores from hyperthreading will not help at all and should not be used. But if you do a benchmark sweep of different numbers of cores like I recommended you would find that out for yourself :)

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