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davidrlc89 December 28, 2012 17:57

Problem with meshing, double pipe exchanger
Good afternoon, the meshing in ANSYS ICEM-CFD. in detail mesh, Set Use Automatic Tet Inflation from None to Program Controlled. and I throw these warnings
* Pre-generation layer is stopped inflation Because of side face limitation, proximity collisions and quality.
* Pre-inflation failed with non prism mesh generated, please check the attachments on the faces inflation.
* if anyone can help me with this. thanks

davidrlc89 December 28, 2012 18:18

now I have this problem
now I have this problem friends
"CFX-Pre Application Error

Syntax error: %s parameters should have the format: load"

What does that mean?

cdegroot December 28, 2012 21:52

It sounds like you are having some fundamental issues setting up cases. Have you gone through the CFX tutorials and do you know how to mesh in ICEM? I can't help with the information you have posted. You will have to give more specifics of what you are trying to do. For the meshing problem, see the ICEM forum.

davidrlc89 December 29, 2012 13:08

Thanks friend, I made several simple cases but had never made ​​that mistake. I will review the help of ICEM and will write to see if I can help someone who faces the same problem.
Greetings from Venezuela.

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