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sunilpatil January 2, 2013 14:30

Conjugate Heat Transfer
Hello every one
I am trying to simulate conjugate heat transfer from fluid to adjacent wall of thickness 5mm how to model this in CFX.or how to generate expression for wall conduction is there any tutorial to solve these type of problems

Thank you

sunilpatil January 2, 2013 14:31

Matlab Program input
Hello everyone

Is it possible to take matlab program as a input in CFX

cdegroot January 2, 2013 15:32

For CHT, try the "Heat Transfer from a Heating Coil" tutorial problem.

Matlab could be used to CCL files if you want to run a bunch of cases varying certain parameters, although this is probably more effectively done using a script. In theory you should also be able to call cfx5solve from Matlab, but I've never tried this so I can't help you with it. Again, a script would be a more obvious choice for this, but it depends on what you are doing if you need Matlab for some reason.

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