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100tinela January 23, 2013 15:09

Timescale Update Frequency
Hi everyone,

I am trying to use 'Timescale Update Frequency' parameter to control the convergence of my steady state simulation. However, everytime I try to prescribe its value using CCL on CFX-Pre it just disappear on CFX-Solver and when I open CFX-Pre again it is not there. Has someone any idea of how I can fix it?

Below is an example of what I am trying to use.

Length Scale Option = Conservative
Maximum Number of Iterations = 400
Minimum Number of Iterations = 1
Number of Timescale Updates = 2
Timescale Control = Auto Timescale
Timescale Factor = 1
Timescale Ramping Factor = 5
Timescale Update Frequency = 10

I appreciate any help!

singer1812 January 23, 2013 18:04

Not sure what to say about it disspearing in the ccl, but are you running the solution and is it working correctly? Does the time update at the frequency you set? If so, dont worry about it.

100tinela January 23, 2013 19:15

I forget to mention before, but I am also working on Workbench platform.

When I run my simulation it doesn't update the timescale as I've prescribed. Apparently the information is someway lost between CFX-Pre and CFX-Solver.
Of course, it works when I edit directly on CFX-Solver, but this way is not feasible in my case because I am working with multiple design points.

100tinela January 24, 2013 14:32

I still can't figure out why the parameter 'Timescale Update Frequency' is disappearing, but I've found another simple way of doing it. I created an expression for my 'Timescale Factor' like this one:


and I can use this Heaviside function to update my timescale as a function of the current timestep (citern).

singer1812 January 24, 2013 18:25

It would seem to me, if you are that interested in that much control over the timescale, you should be using physical time scale and adjust it accordingly.

100tinela January 25, 2013 08:02

Ok, now I see it.

I really appreciate your help!

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