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shreyasr January 28, 2013 07:17

Setting the desired Zoom level in ANSYS CFD Post for custom reports
Hi !

My objective is to automate the post processing of any appropriate CFX result files using ANSYS CFD Post. The simulation result files are from ANSYS CFX (.res files)

Problem Description :
From the CFX results of model A, I have created a report with the desired User Data of contours and vector plots, and have saved it as a 'state' (.cst file).

However, when I apply the above state - to the result files of Model B (which has different dimensions), the view is not satisfactory.

Using the option "Fit figures to viewport" is not what I am looking for.
I would like the zoom to be set such that the contours/vector plots utilise the available real estate to the best extent.

I have gone through the saved state file (.cst) in wordpad as well; I am yet to find the appropriate command to set the zoom at a desired level.

How can I incorporate the optimum zoom setting, with reference to a specified dimension of the geometry ?

Any suggestions or advice to implement this would be highly appreciated.

shreyasr July 11, 2013 01:57

Well, This is an old post.
But - one solution is simply to use the ANSYS CFD 3D viewer.

When you click on the publish option in ANSYS CFD Post, there is an option to create the 3D CFD viewer files. Using this application, you can now manipulate the vector/contour plots in 3D in the final HTML report itself. This includes Zoom/Pan/Rotate/Adjusting lighting, etc.

Setting large picture sizes would make the report quite useful.
As of v14.5 , there is no way to print the report into a PDF format from within CFD Post.

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