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liuzexiang January 30, 2013 11:32

rotating and vibration setup
the simulation is as follow:
the model contains a tank and a tube tool. the fluid flows along the tube tool into the tank. the tube tool rotates and vibrates immersed the tank. i just simulate the rotating and the vibration respectively. the rotating tube tool is setuped as immersed solid. when doing the vibrating tube tool simulation ,i just use the fluid model and set the model as mesh motion. the cavitation model is set in these simulations. so both the two simulations were solved respectively, the results were obtained. but i found that the gas.volume fraction at the tube tool bottom and the tube tool side is approximate 1. i can not understand why the gas.volume fraction is so big. i just set the inlet pressure is 500000Pa, the saturation pressure is 3754Pa, the surf.tension.coff is 0.08Nm^-1.

liuzexiang January 30, 2013 11:38

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the contours about solver pressure ,fluid.velocity and gas.volume fraction are as follow:
anothe question: what is the difference about the total pressure, pressure, solver pressure;
thank you !

ghorrocks January 30, 2013 17:41

Your images are not readable. Please post readable images. Also include a drawing for what is rotation and what is vibrating.

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