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hasbi February 6, 2013 07:52

Create batch file
Hi dear my friends
I want to create a batch file in CFX.
I need to create a batch file for airfoil or a blade.
Can anyone help me and tell me steps of this problem?

I search it but it is not complete for do it :confused:


ghorrocks February 6, 2013 17:18

cfx5solve is the command line. Look it up for full details in the documentation. Or one of the zillion of posts on it on the forum.

alikhube February 6, 2013 17:48

We must type this comment in matlab or fortran or cfx for create batch file???
cd C:\your_directory_path
"C:\Program Files\Ansys Inc\V121\CFX\bin\cfx5solve" -batch -def Fluid_Flow.def
And another questin, I have ANSYS 13.0 and it creates Fluid Flow cfx.def not Fluid_Flow.def

hasbi February 6, 2013 18:10

I tried but it is impossible for me :(

I save my "Fluid Flow CFX.def" in
C:\Users\Novin Pendar\Desktop\PROJECT\airfoil_files\dp0\CFX\CFX
I have ANSYS13
If you have time please tell me procedure!
Best Regards

ghorrocks February 7, 2013 05:14

If you start a command line prompt from the CFX launcher it already has the paths set up, so you do not need C:\program files\.....\bin\cfx5solve.exe; then simply cfx5solve is all you need.

If it did not work then post the error message or what you got and we can help you.

But I can tell you the problem straight away - Your def file has spaces in the name. Either remove the spaces, or use cfx5solve -def "Fluid Flow CFX.def".

alikhube February 7, 2013 16:02

Whats ANSYS CFX Launcher???
I'm studying about it but I can't understand it.
Please help me it is impossible for me that I receive to it.
Where is command line???
Please help me

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