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cfdeng February 8, 2013 15:35

Flow angle

I want to find flow angle distribution along the span after a rotor blade. which function in CFX-Post should I use to find an average of flow angle for each spanwise position?

Any help is appreciated.

ghorrocks February 9, 2013 06:11

Once you have defined what flow angle actually is then you can plot it in CFD-Post. Are you talking about the flow angle along the chord centre line? Top or bottom face? Or the average flow angle at that chord?

rosswell February 13, 2013 10:55

If what you want to see is how the flow is after leaving the blade, you can draw a line right after the blade (along its trailing edge), and then choose to plot a streamline which starts from this line.
Not sure about finding a specific angle, but I'm not really sure of your question either :D

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