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MSHowes February 11, 2013 16:17

Hot and cold spots along the axes
I'm modeling a rotating cylindrical flow and I'm seeing narrow hot and cold areas appearing on either side of the x and y axes (my axis of rotation is z). The temperature should remain uniform so this looks like numerical error. Has anybody seen this?:confused:

ghorrocks February 11, 2013 18:06

Have you read the FAQ:

MSHowes February 12, 2013 09:53

hot and cold spots
Hi, thank you for your response. Yes, I have read the FAQ. Unfortunately it basically says "try everything"-- I wish I had the time. What's puzzling to me is that my momentum and pressure results look great; it's just the temperature that exhibits this error along the axes. I'm tracking the residuals and the heat transfer residuals are on a par with the momentum residuals. I've tested it on three grids so far. The hot/cold spots appear within a few time-steps and never go away.

ghorrocks February 12, 2013 18:44

With such a general question with no description of what you are modelling, then how do you expect anything but a general answer? But the real answer will be one of the things discussed in the FAQ - your job is to find which one.

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