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hasbi February 12, 2013 03:58

Batch for mesh geometry
I want to create a batch file for mesh my geometry, I read the documentation but I cant create it.

I did it for solving by this procedures:
1) Define the shape in Workbench
2)Clic solve to create *.def file
3)create batch file by below commands:
a-cd C:\your_directory_path
b-"C:\Program Files\Ansys Inc\V121\CFX\bin\cfx5solve" -batch -def Fluid_Flow.def

Please tell me what's difference between solve procedure and mesh procedure? and have to create batch file for mesh my geometries!

Best Regards

hasbi February 13, 2013 12:47

Whats your Offer about top post? I do it by ICEM or CFX mesh and what's it command and procedure?

Thanks every one

ghorrocks February 13, 2013 18:10

If you are meshing through Workbench you will find it is not designed to be run in a batch file. It has its own parametric design structures instead.

But if you are using meshing software like ICEM it might have a command line option. I don't know, try the meshing and geometry forum.

hasbi February 19, 2013 14:04

Is there anyone that tell me the procedures for create batch file ICEM (or TGRID)?
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ghorrocks February 19, 2013 17:56

Have you looked in the documentation? Or the tutorials on customer page?

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