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Whitebear February 18, 2013 04:28

NVIDIA Quadro 4000, HP Z800
I have several questions,

I am using NVIDIA Quadro 4000 and HP Z800 workstation, Windows 7 professional, Intel Zeon CPU X5690@3.45GHZ.32.0GB RAM 64bit operating system.

Is there any specific configuration of NVIDIA display card?
When I open the new file wich has 1.3million nodes it takes more than 2 hours to open it(Calculating geometry 95% after). Sometimes OpenGL error comes out when I use interface function in pre.

I upgraded NVIDIA display driver already.
I don't know why HP Z800 workstation does not work fast and how to do it.

ghorrocks February 18, 2013 05:26

Make sure you have the latest drivers for the motherboard and display driver. Also check your BIOS version and the display card firmware.

Whitebear February 18, 2013 21:18

Nothing has been changed.
As you mentioned, I tried update BIOS and driver update. But it doesn't work. I don't know why pre processor takes a lot of time to open def file. It just 1.3million nodes and 55Mbyte file.According to cpu and memory usage it doesn't look like use them properly. CPU doesn't work and there are many unused memory.:(

ghorrocks February 19, 2013 04:59

Are you opening the mesh in CFX-Pre or the geometry in workbench or in ICEM?

Whitebear February 19, 2013 20:17

I am using ANSYS CFX stand alone.
I am using ANSYS CFX Standalone. I made mesh by using ICEM CFD and import it and made .cfd, .def file. There was no problem of importing mesh and ccl. But interfacing two volume took a lot of time in CFX-Pre. Whenever I open the same file .cfx CFX-Pre show 95% Calculating geomety message on the rignt bottom conner and took a few hours. I don't know what the problem is. Someone said to me that it seemed to dump a certain loop again and again due to MS Windows task manager CPU, memory usage.Anyway the file open would open after taking hours. But the problem is that I will increase the number of mesh that also not over 2 or 3 million nodes. I worry about how long do I have to wait to open the files.Could you help me?

Whitebear February 20, 2013 20:37

I have read several questions in here that are related to my problem.First I found interfaces cause a lot of time to open the *.cfx file. And you suggested that turn off the marker and other option displays could increase speed a bit. I will try to this after I open my cfx file.Is there any other method to improve open fast *.cfx file with a lot of interfaces? My *.cfx problem cannot be reduced interfaces unfortunately.

ghorrocks February 21, 2013 05:12

Try turning off automatic interface detection. That might overload things if you have really complex boundary faces. Then you will have to set the interfaces manually.

Whitebear February 25, 2013 00:01

Thank you very much indeed. I did it already.

sainath February 25, 2013 06:56

CFX- Pre is basically little slow in response when you have too many bodies and mesh count. What i would suggest is you try to decompose/split your model into smaller subdomains/parts, mesh the model, export the mesh in cfx format, and then import it into cfx. Create the small set of interfaces for the decomposed one and export the ccl.

Repeat the following on the other parts. Open a new file and import all the ccl's into the file. Now separately import all the mesh files of the decomposed geometry. Just make sure that you disable physics validation, automatic domain and automatic interface creation options.

For example u have a fan , mesh the hub separately and the blades separately. and import their mesh separately in different cfx -pre and create your boundaries. export the ccl. Create a new cfx file and import all these ccls and your mesh.

This is the only way possible and believe thats the efficient way of handling such problems

Whitebear February 25, 2013 08:53

Thank you very much indeed Sainath Satish. I hope ANSYS CFX-pre also introduce parallel method like ANSYS Fluent-pre.

sainath February 26, 2013 00:05

As far as i know there is no parallel processing for CFX -Pre. Though CFX -Pre is little sluggish when it comes to handling such geometries, there are ways to overcome such situations. All you need is patience and time.

Whitebear February 26, 2013 00:46

I believe someday ANSYS CFX will develope parallel method in preprocessor and use GPU as well. I have a dream someday CFX-pre will be better.

Lance February 27, 2013 03:46


Originally Posted by Whitebear (Post 410077)
I believe someday ANSYS CFX will develope parallel method in preprocessor and use GPU as well. I have a dream someday CFX-pre will be better.

Dream on :)
Have you seen the development of the recent CFX versions? It seems that ansys is focusing most of its development on Fluent...

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