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Maralady February 19, 2013 02:03

Why i am getting this error?
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I did the geometry using solidworks, then made the mesh at workbench and as soon as i load cfx the geometry looks like this (See the picture), No idea of whats wrong in here, as you can see the geometry looks nasty.

ghorrocks February 19, 2013 05:02

If you mean those lines on it - they are because those mesh edges trigger the corner critereon as the element angle is high. This is a common problem when you have a coarse mesh.

So the solution is to use a finer mesh. There is no way you would ever get an accurate simulation on a mesh that coarse.

Maralady February 19, 2013 21:35

Thank you sir i will try that.

Maralady February 19, 2013 21:54

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Ok, that problem was fixed thanks to your advice ghorrock, but now i have a different error, why my geometry looks like this? It looks irregular and i really have no idea why

ghorrocks February 19, 2013 22:13

Again, it is your mesh. The mesh is representing your shape with flat triangles, so it will depart from the real geometry. The finer the mesh the smaller the deviation.

But again, if you can see the deviation easily then you mesh is too coarse. A realistic mesh will have this deviation small enough that you have to zoom right in to see it.

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