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Simulate February 19, 2013 17:52


I have encountered a problem with my transient simulation, which has a rigid body object in it. Due to large mesh deformation and negative volume element errors the simulation breaks at some point, and I should perform remeshing, and I have to do it with Workbench, because everything is set up there.

I used the reference below as a remeshing guide.

and used cfx locator-based functions to monitor the location of the rigid body in the course of simulation. (It is not possible in my case to predict the location like the tutorial.)

I gave the monitors the exact name I gave my designmodeler input parameters in the workbench. But when the simulation interrupts and the script is executed, I can only get the initial mesh. Workbench cannot recognize the actual value of location parameters from solver manager.

I really appreciate your help, because I have been stuck here for days.

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