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Niru February 21, 2013 14:13

Thermal Phase Change model
I am trying to model vapor bubbles evaporating from superheated liquid.
I use the thermal phase change model to do this.

1. Should the vapor phase be modeled as dispersed phase for thermal phase change?
If I model it as a continuous phase what is the difference between the two with regards to heat transfer.

2. Should I enter all the details in thermal phase change model like
> Saturation temperature
> Wall boiling sub models
> heat transfer coefficient ...
what are the main variables that need to be entered?

3. In the wall boiling sub-models.
Can a value of more than 1.4 mm be entered for bubble departure diameter?(possible limits given in manual was 0.6-1.4 mm , but bubble size is 6mm)
If it is entered how does the solver handle this.

4. I have 3 components air,water & water vapor. What heat transfer mechanism should be given to air-water and air-watervaporvapor fluid pair.

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