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nitheshkumble February 23, 2013 11:28

How to import refrigerant in cfx(like R1234yf)
Hi all,
How to import refrigerant R1234yf in CFx13?


ghorrocks February 24, 2013 05:03

You find the material properties from somewhere and enter them in. In general there is only a few material properties of interest so it does not take too long.

nitheshkumble March 23, 2013 01:55

Thanks G horrocks,
i had material properties, but CFX will generate the Material property Table range automaticaly?.What is TascflowRGP file mean?

ghorrocks March 23, 2013 06:02

RGP = real gas properties, so that means it does not follow the ideal gas law. Read the documentation for further details.

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