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Orb February 24, 2013 12:47

Thrust Calculation

I have a rotating machinery with one inlet and one outlet. If I want to find the total thrust force do I just use the Force(Z)-out function? Or do I subtract Force(Z)-out from Force(Z)-in? Which is more a more reasonable result?

Thank you

evcelica March 1, 2013 22:11

Should be the net of your control volume shouldn't it? So out minus in?

Orb March 1, 2013 22:42

Great suggestion. Although, I am unsure how ANSYS CFX calculates the force... maybe it already factors in the Force of air in, or maybe not.

Orb March 3, 2013 00:02

Doesn't it actually make sense to add them both? Force of fluid (air) through the inlet should be added to force of fluid (air) leaving the outlet... Both forces in the same direction...

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