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bharathn February 25, 2013 14:07

Axial Flow Pump Performance Prediction
Hi All,

My Name is Bharath, I am Working in CFD Team last month i got one project on Axial Flow pump performance prediction. I carried out the analysis in Pumplinx Simerics ,Autodesk CF Design and Solid Works Flow Simulation. All 3 Analysis Software are giving nearly same result with 1 or 2 % difference. Actually customer shared the previous tested result of same pump and we compared the Analysis result with the tested result .The Head and Flow rate is matching nearly to the tested result but efficiency is not matching. almost 50% effieciency is less compared to tested result example 78% tested result but in Analysis it is coming 36 to 40%. please help me to find the reason why it is not matching with the tested result.

Following Boundary Conditions i Had tried
1.Inlet - Atmospheric Pressure, Outlet tested Result Total Pressure
2.Inlet - Atmospheric Pressure, Outlet Tested result Flow Rate

If you have any sugesstion on this please write to my mail ID -

Thanks in Advance,


ghorrocks February 25, 2013 18:51

There are many textbooks written about CFD accuracy. This FAQ is a start:

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