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merg_23 March 5, 2013 18:58

Axial Compressor Simulation
Hi, I'm developing my thesis in which I simulate a stage (rotor-stator) of an axial compressor. I have a problem when simulate because during the simulation I get this warning:

A wall has been placed at portion(s) of an INLET |
| boundary condition (at 69.0% of the faces, 68.9% of the area) |
| to prevent fluid from flowing out of the domain. |
| The boundary condition name is: R1 Inlet. |
| The fluid name is: Air Ideal Gas. |
| If this situation persists, consider switching |
| to an Opening type boundary condition instead.

I have understood that to solve this problem is recommended to extend the area of inlet and outlet. My question is: how I can increase this area? The blades were made ​​in TurboGrid by someone else and not as expand the area of inlet and outlet.

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