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hamidciv April 5, 2013 23:41

Difficult to understand؟
hello dear friends
in help cfx written following, i difficult to underestand ,If anyone knows of friends following examples explain the concepts of

Free surface flow with the inhomogeneous model can be used to allow the two phases to separate. (This will be required if entrainment of one phase within another occurs and you want to allow the phases to separate again)
entrainment what purpose?

thank you for help me:(

ghorrocks April 6, 2013 05:12

The homogenous model is suited for when the interface between the phases remains distinct at all times. That is you have (assuming an air/water interface) pue air on one side of the interface and pure water on the other.

The inhomogeneous model is suited for when sub-grid scale mixing of one phase in the other occurs. This could be the case when you have pure water, then foam, then pure air. The foam layer is generally modelled with an inhomogeneous model to allow air to mix into the water phase.

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