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kish April 14, 2013 00:09

2 way fsi
Dear all

I am trying 2 way FSI problem. I am modelling a fluid flow through an artery in addition to that I want to introduce a guide wire along the axis. I assume the wall of the artery is rigid and the guide wire is stainless steel (0.5 mm dia) .I extended the guide wire until the middle of the fluid domain.

I have lots of doubt in boundary conditions and settings. I want to clarify my doubts from the people who are expert in the 2 way fsi.

The boundary conditions I set in the ANSYS
1. One end of the wire, I set fixed boundary.

2. the other end face and the wall of the guide wire which which are in contact with fluid . So i set fluid solid interface ( I have in dilemma the end of the face should be friction less support)( Please any one clarify)

3. I set large deflection "off" instead of "on".( Please clarify)

The boundary conditions I set in the CFX

I set mesh motion unspecified in all the boundary conditions including wall side please clarify

( Note: The solver is running without error so for)

Thank you



mvoss April 16, 2013 03:28

could you post a picture?
Mesh motion should be stationary @end of wire ... since it is fixed?!

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