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Anna Tian April 25, 2013 21:09

Question about permeability setting

We could set up streamwise permeability and transverse permeability at CFX. That means we will have a streamwise permeability at one direction and a transverse permeability at the other two directions (The other two directions have the same permeability).

But I'd like to have three different permeability at the three directions.

May I ask how to set up three different permeability at the three directions in CFX?

siw April 26, 2013 09:08

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I've not tried a simulation to check the results but just did a quick set-up.

How about instead of using a porous domain you use 3 subdomains for the porous region. In each subdomain you set the streamwise direction to be 1 for a particular permeability value and then set no traverse loss, see the images with random values. That way you can input the 3 permeability values for each direction.

I'd be interest to know if this works.

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