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Eschek April 26, 2013 15:11

TBR Fourier Transformation Method
Hello to all,

i calculate a Rotor Stator passage in TBR Profile Transformation and it works.
If i try it in TBR Fourier Transformation Method it doesn't work.

Error: In Analysis 'Flow Analysis 1' - Fourier Transformation 'Fourier Transformation 2': The relative velocity between the domain and the signal must not be zero.

So i have to put a coordinante frame? I don't get it.:confused:

Have somebody a Tutorial to Typical Transient Rotor Stator Simulation using Fourier Transformation like in Modeling Guide - 6.8.1 Case 1: Transient Rotor Stator Single Stage?

In the Tutorials from the help are two examples, but only for an Inlet Disturbance Case and a Method for a Blade Flutter Case.

Thx and regards

Eschek :)

Eschek May 2, 2013 14:23

Some additional informations:

I choose Transient Blade Row Model: Fourier Transformation;
And i add a new item with a default name.
And after that I have in Option only the two possibilites:
"Rotational Flow Boundary Disturbance" and "Blade Flutter", but no "Rotor Stator" option.

In the Manual "CFX-PRe User's Guide - Chapter 22.2" stands:

This option can be applied only when the disturbance originates from a domain interface that uses the Transient Rotor Stator frame change/mixing model.

But with this help i can not fix it.



Eschek May 16, 2013 16:12


to calculate the single stage in Fourier-Transformation you have to enable the Beta-Features in ANSYS 14.5 ;)


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