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harendra April 27, 2013 04:13

multi-field thermo mechanical IC engine
hi all,

i am doing my dessertation with ansys cfx module
my topic is "multi-field/coupled-field thermo-mechanical analysis of cylinder head of four stroke ic engine with spark ignition and air fins as a cooling medium."

can u pls suggest me the idea on how this project would get carried out and kindly refer me to some online video tutorials that i can refer to to complete my project.....




ghorrocks April 27, 2013 06:48

The tutorials which come with CFX are a good start, and the ones you can download from the ANSYS customer site is worthwhile too. And no need to use funny fonts in future, they just make your message hard to read.

harendra April 30, 2013 04:06

dear thanks for helping me out.
i have been trying hard to understand what coupled field is all about but all in vain except a few basic ideas that i have got so far. My query is regarding how a coupled field or multifield thermo-mechanical analysis will be carried out.
i need you to provide me justa basic step wise overview of how that process would initiate specifically in Ansys-CFX module.
I already have the software v13 installed. i have been having hard time learning it as financial problem is not allowing me to loearn it from a training institute.

your help shall be truly appreciated and i will be grateful to you if you guide me briefly about the process.

and one more thing please tell me how to decide boundary condition's values without carrying experimental setup test.

thanks and regards


JuPa April 30, 2013 10:07


Have you completed all if the CFX tutorials? You'll learn more about CFX by doing, rather than us telling.

harendra April 30, 2013 16:15

dear this i need to mention that i have already completed cfx tutorial and been doing so for the last one month. I have really got an general idea on what cfx is all about ..
the main issue is that my topic is basically on carrying out cfx multi-field analysis of 4 stroke air cooled spark-ignition engine ..

so i am not able to draw a conclusive idea on how i will particularly finish this project. Actually i could have gone to my guide but i am away cause of some personal issue for sometime.

Could you please advice me on hew 4-5 things i need to particularly take care of and/or should be considered important to carry out the analysis of this topic in particular

thanks for you time boss

JuPa May 1, 2013 05:05

You need to answer the following questions for yourself:

Question 1) What are the aims of your project?

Question 2) Do you have a geometry and mesh for the CFD?

Question 3) Do understand basic CFD principles? For example do you know how a "coarse", "medium" and "fine" mesh may give you different results?

If your answer to question 1 is "because I want to simulate an IC engine" then no one can help you. You need to be specific.

I'm sorry if my reply sounds condescending. It is not my intention to be harsh, or mean.

I can't help you specifically to applications to IC engines but I will try to answer general CFD questions.

ghorrocks May 1, 2013 07:03

This FAQ lists a good number of issues to be aware of:

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