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sunilpatil April 28, 2013 06:22

Material Thickness consideration
Hello sir,
In my analysis (as shown in figure) i am applying Heat flux boundary condition to wall. thickness of solid domain is 1mm and fluid domain is of about 2m .my question is
1.if the thermal conductivity of material (Solid domain) is high ex: Tin, then we can neglect the conduction along the thickness so we can apply heat flux directly on fluid domain wall.but for low thermal conuctivity (K) material it is required to consider solid domain. is it possible to create thin material just like in interface on fluid domain side(Without considering solid domain)

Than you sir,
Sunil Patil

ghorrocks April 28, 2013 06:48

Yes. The ability to model thermal resistance with interfaces was introduced in either V13, or V14. Can't remember which.

But you seem to want to put a thermal resistance on the outside of a fluid domain. THis is pretty easily done by working out the equations for thermal resistance and imposing that as a thermal flux boundary condition on the fluid domain. SO you have to do a little maths homework, but it is easy to do and works fine.

sunilpatil April 28, 2013 09:57

Thermal resistance at domain wall
Hello sir,
Thank you for your reply.your great knowledge in CFX helped me a lot
Thank you sir,
Sunil Patil

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