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Anna Tian April 28, 2013 13:42

Question about Ansys Workbench

I'm looking for a Ansys CFX Workbench tutorial. I searched for it online but found nothing. Where could I find one?

I'd like to know how to setup a loop so that Workbench can change the inlet velocity of my simulation automatically. Then run the simulation automatically. Then export the pressure of one point automatically to a formula (like editor or excel sheet).

In this way, I won't need to always change the inlet velocity and record the simulation results (the pressure at a point) manually.

May I ask how to set up Workbench to achieve that?

Thank you very much!

ghorrocks April 28, 2013 18:53

There are lots of tutorials for Workbench on the ANSYS Customer site, including using parameters to drive simulations like you are looking for.

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