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Leackim April 30, 2013 14:03

Min value function

I am sure my question is obvious, but i didn't manage to find my answer on CFX help or website.
I would like to get all the informations about my streamlines (start from a plane equally spaced) for each one : The min pressure value for example, X,Y,Z start and end coordinates and so on.

The min function value returns the min of the overall and not each min value. of course i could plot each streamline and return min but it's time consuming.
Anyone know how to do it quickly ? Or how to get the min function code in Ansys, because it must calculate all min before returning the smallest one ?

I get same difficulties with x,y,z start and end cordinate : no function available match for this problem

Thank you

ghorrocks April 30, 2013 19:35

This is straight forward: Record a CFD-Post session file of you doing the streamline analysis on one streamline, then edit the session file to do it lots of times on all the points.

Leackim May 1, 2013 08:13

Thanks for your answer. I thought about it, however i was wondering if a quicker way to do it was possible. Because i need it for lot of streamline.
But even if i use CFD post session, it doesn't match to obtain the X,Y,Z end of my streamline (except by exporting but it's not the best thing for a lot of cases).
Do you know if in the same way a the polyline with boundary intersection, it is possible to determine the intersection between a streamline and a plane ?

Thank you

ghorrocks May 1, 2013 18:30

I do not know what you mean. Scripting things like this is simple and quick.

I suspect your best chance would be to generate the streamlines and export them to do the processing elsewhere. I cannot see an easy way of getting the XYZ location of the start of a streamline other than exporting it.

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