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peterch April 30, 2013 16:37

License Costs
What is the normal price for a basic CFX license (lease/purchase)?

I've tried Googling for rough numbers without much success. I'm working with our local ANSYS office, but I'm afraid they're jerking our chain around and trying to push us towards the more costly Fluent.

Any advice would be appreciated.

evcelica April 30, 2013 17:20

Well ANSYS has a lot of licensing options for different packages / bundles solutions etc. so its hard to say what the prices would be. And i surely don't know what comes with each license.
You won't be able to get prices as low as the U.S. government since I'm sure they purchase thousands of these and get a big discount, but as a general reference check GSA advantage for what the government pays for their ANSYS licences:

Far May 1, 2013 08:54

It may cost you (Fluent/CFX) from 50K $ to higher value. It is just price of one seat Fluent license ( 8 processors) . In addition to that you will have to pay for maintenance and customer support.

oj.bulmer May 1, 2013 10:27

Annual packages in UK (as I jog my memory of the quotes ANSYS guys presented):

CFX basic: 25000
CFX Advanced : 30000
FLUENT : 35000
The above licences include one mesher, one post processor and one core to run Solver on.

For additional computational power, HPC pack per 8 cores : 15000


PS: If you are happy with basic CFX (I think it doesn't have multiphase), it will save you some good chunk of money, over FLUENT.

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