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drvincentip May 1, 2013 19:08

How to create 'blood' as a new material
Dear ANSYS CFX users,

I'm simulating blood flow in ANSYS and I would like to know if anyone has the experience to define 'blood' as a new material in CFX?
My question in specific would be what sort of parameters should I put into defining the blood as a material? I know some people use density 1060kg/m3 & viscosity 0.0035kg/m-s, but what about the other parameters that is required in CFX, like ?Fixed or variable composite mixture etc.

Many thanks in advance!


evcelica May 1, 2013 21:53

a lot of people always ask the same stuff about blood. Did you search at all? Would the composition have any effect on what you are trying to model, or just the fluid properties?

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