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sunilpatil May 3, 2013 14:22

Radiation modelling
Hello sir,
In radiation modelling Due to the high computational resources required for
the calculation of the radiation field for the MC and DT radiation models, is it possible to model coarser mesh for radiation field and fine mesh for flow field (assuming that the radiation field changes at a slower rate than any other transport variables) for a same problem..if possible how can we do this in CFX
Thank you sir,
Sunil Patil

ghorrocks May 5, 2013 07:52

The Discrete transfer model has a much lower computational load than the Mone Carlo method. And both models have a large number of settings applicable to them so you can coarsen or refine them to your heart's content.

And by the way - the radiation ray tracing is already calculated on a coarser grid than the fluid equations. So if you want to coarsen this further just increase the coarsening factor.

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