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Benfa May 4, 2013 13:07

simplified paralle tube bundle simulation (porous domain)

I tried to simulate the flow of air trough multiple parallel tubes. The first simulation with resolving each tube is running fine and the results are in agreement with expectations. But the simulation is for sure much too detailed and needs a lot of mesh points. therefore i tried to simulate the tube bundle using a porous domain (setting a porosity and direction). there are three domains, each a cylinder. the first is a fluid domain that contains the inlet. the second is the porous domain and the third a fluid domain that has the outlet. the interfaces between the domains are set. I observe that the flow trough the porous domain looks ok (expected average velocity) til the last nodes in the porous domain where the flow exits into the fluid domain. there is a big increase in velocity and the velocity profile looks wired. I tried a lot and could break it down that this effect is increased while decreasing the porosity. Has anybody observed this too? Do I need to set a specific expert parameter? I think this should be a standard application for a porous domain.


ghorrocks May 5, 2013 08:01

Please post an image of what you are seeing.

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