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kiwishall May 7, 2013 10:28

how to define a material of gas
Hello! I'd like to build a simulation of expander with natural gas, so is it better to define the material as a mixture in CFX? or defining it as a pure material of which the properties data are obtained in the NIST refprop(LNG). What's more, can the density and the specific heat both be set as the function of T and P, is there any restrictions in CFX. While I set the density as the function of T and P, CFX always occurs error. But if I set it only as the function of T, it works even with a wrong result. Of course, for a gas, the density should be determined by T and P. So what can I do? Please help me. Thahks!

ghorrocks May 7, 2013 19:33

For compressible gases CFX has a number of approaches. The simplest is ideal gas and you should use this initially when you set the model up and get the basic stuff working. Then you can consider the different equations of state, real gas or mixture models which are available. But do all the setup on a simple ideal gas before going to a complex material properties model.

kiwishall May 8, 2013 00:17

Thank you for your advice! I have used the ideal gas model and gotten a result. But to get a better result, I must consider it as a real gas and then I met the above problems. So could you help me ?

ghorrocks May 8, 2013 00:45

There is advice in the CFX documentation on obtaining convergence. The key things are to use a small time step (at least initially), double precision if you need it and start with as good an initial condition as you can get. Good mesh quality is a big help too.

kiwishall May 8, 2013 01:03

I think you misunderstood what I mean. I have gotten a good result with the ideal gas supplied in the CFX. The mesh quality is good. But now I want to simulate with the data obtained by the NIST REFPROP. So how to transform the data into the CFX, and how to determine the density and the specific heat with these data?

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