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Sudharshani May 9, 2013 22:20

How to open old mesh cmdb files in ANSYS CFX v13.0 ?
HI All,

I have old mesh files generated using ANSYS v11.0 and 12.0 few yrs back. They are .cmdb files.

I am trying to extract the original parameters which were meshed. However, when I open those files in v13.0, I could not see or extract, except I could get is the no of elements used.
My objective is to do a mesh independent test between the old and new mesh in V13.0

Is the following correct?
version v13 CFX-Mesh is no longer an option in ANSYS.

The last version that has CFX-Mesh is version 12.1. You must access it via the ANSYS Meshing Application as a mesh method.

Kindly help, this is for my thesis due in weeks time.

Finally, do I need to have the geometry files (agdb) to open the cmdb mesh files ? Could you give me some general advise how to save files in ANSYS CFX....workbench ?

ghorrocks May 10, 2013 23:35

I do not think there will be any way of opening this is the new version. The meshing was substantially redone in these versions and I do not think you will have much luck with backwards compatibility.

Sudharshani May 12, 2013 22:13

Thanks for that.

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