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tb_cfd May 15, 2013 03:13

show bad cells of dual mesh
After improving the min angle of a structured mesh in icem i started a simulation. Then i checked the converted mesh quality and determined a min angle which is much worse than in the icem mesh.
Is it possible to see, were the bad cells in the converted mesh are, so that i can improve it?

Thanks for your help

ghorrocks May 15, 2013 03:18

Yes. In CFD-Post load your def (or cfx or whatever) file. Go to the "Calculators" tab, select Mesh Calculator. Under function select the type of mesh metric you want - in your case Min Face Angle makes sense. Then go back to the outline tab and you now have a variable called Min Face Angle which can be displayed like any other variable. You can do an isosurface to locate the really bad region. Note the new mesh metric variables will be under the puzzlingly titled "..." button.

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