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Anna Tian June 7, 2013 15:37

Working bench result files saving

I'm using workbench CFX parameter set - Table of Design points to do the simulations. But the result files for different inputs are not saved after running. Usually after I run a table by 2 days. If I find out i need to have one more expression parameters as output, i have to run all the simulations again. That is not convenient and time wasting. How to save all the results file?

hmasenger June 9, 2013 03:40

you have to check the export check box at the most right position of the parameter tables before updating design points. ;)

mvoss June 10, 2013 04:25

and YES.. if you need to add an new expression in e.g cfx-Post .. you need to rerun every DP in the table... which is very inefficient. Try to write a script which loops over your exported res.-files and pull out the expression via the script... saves you the extra runs but you have the numbers in that table externally but this is way better than to rerun all DP.

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