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latest June 9, 2013 00:18

capturing of particles by spray (multi phase flow)
Hi, I am simulating the capturing of particles (micron size) through water spray (3 phase modeling) in CFX.
Model: A box with inlet, outlet and spray nozzle at the top.
inlet: air (continues)+particles (disperse solid)
nozzle: water spray (disperse liquid)
outlet: 0 Pa
I am getting negative values of particle mass flow rate at the out put after spray (i dont know why). can you tell me either i am doing right or wrong?

ghorrocks June 10, 2013 20:48

You clearly have a mistake in your setup. But without any details we have no chance to help you.

And please do not spam me with PM of things you have already posted on the forum.

latest June 11, 2013 04:13

What kind of further detail is required? thank you

ghorrocks June 11, 2013 08:24

This FAQ is not fully written yet but does give an idea of the sort of information necessary:

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