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Badi June 17, 2013 09:52

CFX Post -cavitation modelling- different puressures question
I have a little problem regarding the post processing of my cavitating simulation flow. While being in the post processer I cant use the Variables:" Pressure, Absolute Pressure and Total Pressure" with the local range. The only thing that works for planes contour plots and stuff is the solver pressure.

What I know about the solver pressure is, that its not clipped like the others to either my reference pressure or the saturation pressure. I am not really sure what the most accurate in terms of "reality". I know that negativ pressures can happen in the flow but I get around -9 bar what seems pretty big to me.

Furthermore I am not quite sure about the pressure level information tab in the solver controle. At the moment I have a reference Pressure of 0 bar and static pressure of 1 bar. Since I dont have any inlet or boundary conditions the CFX manual recommends that I take the pressure level information aswell. I sat the point of the information right where the cavitation happens and a relative pressure of 0. Is this correct?

Thanks in advance

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