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AeroJay June 18, 2013 07:52

Post-process Isosurface Setting Anomalies
Dear All,

I ran a multiphase simulation in a closed domain discretizing a tunnel. I wanted to display the free surface of the primary fluid which is water during the run therefore resorted to isosurface in the post process results. My only concern with the latter is the fact that:
* when i set the volume fraction of water to 0.5 as recommended i get patches of unfilled space in the domain.:confused:
* when i do decrease the water volume fraction i get a better result as the flow covering of the domain.:confused::confused:

Your help is very much appreciated friends. If you could shed some light on the matter and kindly advise a better solution.


AeroJay :cool:

ghorrocks June 19, 2013 19:14

Can you post images of what you are seeing? Also post the CCL file.

AeroJay June 20, 2013 02:44

Isosurface details
3 Attachment(s)
Dear Ghorrocks,

[I]Please find the comparative figures denoting the value of 0.05 and 0.5 for the post-processed displays. Also find the CCL file attached.



Attachment 22839

Attachment 22837

Attachment 22838

daandb September 5, 2013 03:16

I have a similar problem with a sloshin study, there are gaps in iso-surface near the baffle plates. Hope someone knows a solution.

hmasenger September 5, 2013 05:17

is that some kind of chute or spillway?did you calculate the water table in the slop by open channel hydraulic equations? did you use a proper mesh grid on the slop which could express the water table ?it can be concluded by the pic you attached that there is no value for water volume fraction=0.5 and on the slop there is a very thin layer of water caused by high frude number.. i think a higher mesh quality would help.pleas let me know if it solves the problem i am working on some kind of similar model

ghorrocks September 5, 2013 08:13

I think Hamed is on the right track - a finer mesh will probably resolve this.

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