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TrII4d June 19, 2013 02:36

BC export in CFX-Pre
Hi guys,

is it possible to export all the BC's from CFX-pre (e.g. Material for each Domain, Solver Control, expert parameters and s.o) to a *.csv file ?

Additionally I want, that CFX is giving me only the BC's which were changed from the "standard definition" (e.g. when i change the domain type from "fluid" to "solid)

I know that I can export all the BC's using Perl, but what I want is that CFX-pre gives me the changed BC's only ... this will be a hard work using Perl ...

my prof told me, that FLUENT is able to do that ... but he doesn't know very much about CFX ... maybe u guys have an idea?


Lance June 19, 2013 03:22


Originally Posted by TrII4d (Post 434760)
is it possible to export all the BC's from CFX-pre (e.g. Material for each Domain, Solver Control, expert parameters and s.o) to a *.csv file ?

So you want the settings, not only the BCs? File/Export/CCL would give you your model setup in a .ccl file, which you can open with a text editor. I dont understand why you would need a .csv file?

I dont understand your second question.

TrII4d June 19, 2013 03:51

Dear Lance,

thanks for ur answer.
Yeah i know about the possibility to export a *.ccl file ... after that i could use a perl script which filters the settings and BC's I need ...

but that's not exactly what I want, I try to explain it in another way:

When u create a new Domain there are standard stocks in the input fields ...what i want is, that if u change them, ANSYS export the changed values only

for example a new domain:
in the tab "basic settings" u will get the following settings:
Domain Type : Fluid Domain
Coordinate Frame : Coord 0
Reference Pressure : 0.00 [Pa]

if I change the Domain type from "Fluid Domain" to "Solid Domain" then CFX-pre should execute this information as output because I changed it ... but there should be no informations about the "coordinate frame", "reference pressure" and others because I didn't change it.

hope u got my point :)

- thanks!

Lance June 19, 2013 04:19

I dont see how this is possible in CFX. My suggestion would be to export the settings before you make any changes, then make the changes and export the settings again. Then compare the two files with some sort of script/program.

But you already have this information, you know the changes you apply to the domain. Or what am I missing?

TrII4d June 19, 2013 04:26

yeah this could be way to do it ...

no u r right Lance ... the reason why i'm searching for such an option is that I have *.def files with a lot of domains, interfaces and so on. ...

i'm doing some DoE at the moment ... so i want to be sure that i didn't forget all the necessary changes in the new *.def file ...

if i export all the settings from the new *.def file and from my "original" definition file, i can compare the two textfiles (*.csv or *.txt or whatever) with each other ...

if i find another way i will let u know ... if someone else has an idea ... pls let me know :)

mjgraf June 19, 2013 23:57

maybe cfx5dfile can help.

if you have the cfx bin folder in your path
cfx5dfile -h
to bring up the help.

TrII4d June 25, 2013 02:27

that's it!

Originally Posted by mjgraf (Post 434943)
maybe cfx5dfile can help.

not maybe ... it helps ... thanks a lot mjgraf for that great support! ...

thread closed!

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