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prX411 June 19, 2013 06:39

Exporting Particle Data
Hi everyone,

I am quite new to CFX, especially multiphase flows so I am sorry if my questions may be a little newbie like :)

I am currently working on a multiphase flow simulation with Ansys CFX 14 where I am simulating a free jet flow in which particles (solids) are injected. These particles stay solid, so no phase-change needs to be considered. Furthermore I am using velocity, pressure and temperature distribution of a gas (Argon) from a previous simulation as inlet data.

The Geometry is like a diverging cylinder where the particles are injected rectangular to the gas. The "end" of the cylinder (only 120į of it and using symmetry in Post) is defined as a wall with coefficients of restitution = 0. So the gas is redirected by the wall in radial direction and leaving the domain into the environment (Air) and the particles "stick" to the wall. The particle size is defined using a normal distribution.

My goal is to create an output file (preferred Excel or txt) in which the particle data is saved. More detailed I am interested in the particle properties (temperature, diameter, speed, and position for each particle) at a plane about 1 inch upstream of the wall. So I want that the data of each particle that passes this plane is saved to a file.

How do I attain this?

So far the Simulation works and the steady state results are good compared to an experiment I found in the literature. I can view the particle temperatures and velocities using the particle track function but so far I didnít find a way to create a table with the needed particle data of each particle that passed the interested location.

The reason I need this is that the data is afterwards exported and used in a c++ Model that works with txt or Excel files as input.

In advance thanks for any ideas!


ghorrocks June 19, 2013 19:17

Have you tried File/export in CFD-Post?

prX411 June 20, 2013 03:36

thanks for that push, Itried that before but I defined a plane and tried to export the particle data for this plane...oh what a suprise it didn't work

after reading your post I had a look again and choose the I have an excel file with the whole tracking data...but I will write a makro for excel that deletes the positions I won't need.

Once more the solution was too easy to actually find it ;)


cvh October 3, 2014 12:01

Hi prX411;

I am facing the same problem that you initially described, i.e. I am interested in the average particle diameter in the plane at a constant stream-wise location. However if I export the data along the particle tracks, the diameters along each particle track are reported at different streamwise locations. So that makes it difficult to extract the average diameter at a particular location. Have you or anyone else faced this problem? If so, I'd appreciate any tips on solving this problem.


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